Victory knows no fear

Welcome strangers, your next adventure awaits

The true threat is yet to surface...

Your adventure begins after striking a bargain with a shifty peddler…

Several strangers eavesdrop on a conversation about making some quick coin.

The peddler’s store is called “Salvaged Supplies” and he deals with salvaged goods that adventurers might not have use for and sells them to townsfolk and farmers on his way through.

Upon approaching the peddler as individuals, they each realize how dangerous yet rewarding this merchants overheard proposal actually is. Common sense leads the strangers to the decision that they would stand a better chance finding treasures and surviving their adventures if they work together.

The deal was to bring him items of equal value to trade for any adventurer’s gear the peddler acquires between checkpoints.

The peddler offers to supply his new employees with the basics and gives them a few tips on where to start.

  • Stenchrite Caverns
  • Ruins of Couldarn
  • Any of the highways out of Silverport



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